Experience the most iconic spacecraft in the Star Wars universe like you never thought possible. The Star Wars Millennium Falcon XL Drone from Air Hogs delivers unprecedented detail and authenticity. This colossal 27” long drone features a light-up cockpit complete with detailed Han and Chewie figures, LED subspace hyper drive, and authentic lights and sounds. Use the Star Wars themed 2.4GHz remote control with a flight data screen, an onboard barometric pressure sensor, and 6-axis gyro to pilot the Millennium Falcon XL Drone up to 250ft away. Bring home the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy with the Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon XL Drone!

Product Features

  • BRING THE MAGIC OF STAR WARS HOME: This colossal 27″ x 20″, Millennium Falcon Drone features a light-up cockpit with Chewie and Han Solo figures inside.
  • STUNNING DETAILS: Included are detailed Han and Chewie figures, LED subspace hyper drive, and authentic lights and sounds
  • SOPHISTICATED ENGINEERING: Experience a smooth, high-performance flight with 2.4GHz communication for range up to 250ft, a barometric pressure height lock system and 6-axis gyro.
  • The Star Wars RC Millennium Falcon XL is for ages 14+ and requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Star exploring the galaxy today!

3 responses to “Air Hogs – Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon XL Flying Drone 2.4GHz 4-Channel with Gyro”

  1. It is the worst drone I have ever seen PERIOD ! Length:: 4:45 MinsDoes not fly. Period.I build drones. Who ever designed the electronic circuit board failed.Its totally nuts. The throttle is actually controlled by a onboard barometer.When you push the throttle lever up the motors go full power. The barometer/altimeterIs suppose to sense the rise and automatically back the throttles resulting in a nice hover.Problem is the barometer simply doesn’t work.Its not sensitive…

  2. What a piece of JUNK!!!!!! I have the original smaller Millennium Quadcopter and that one has been a lot of fun. When I saw that this one was coming out, I had some extra gift cards and thought why not? It’s a bigger version so it should be cool right? Nope.Anyone considering picking up one of these, don’t bother unless you plan on it being a $300+ (with taxes) paper weight. For that kind of money this thing should fly like a dream and it’s an epic fail instead unfortunately. 9 times out of 10 you’ll…

  3. Complete Crap Luke was right, what a piece of junk.So let’s start with the negatives first, which implies there will be positives later, but there won’t.It’s constructed of cheap foam and the controller is constructed from cheap plastic. Right out of the box the lights did not work on the controller. Not the best start, but that was ok because the controller really serves no purpose other than to give you something to hold onto while the drone flies where ever it wants to. Mine was particularly…

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