Specially designed integrated gimbal/lens cover for MAVIC AIR. 

Protect gimbal, camera lens.

Dust-proof, Scratch-proof, Bump-proof, Prevent gimbal wobbling,protect gimbal wiring. 

Prevent accidental damage during transport. 

Integrated design. 

Quick mount/dismount.

Easy and convenient to use.

Product feature:

Color: Black

Weight: 6g

Function: protect camera lens and gimbal. 

Package includes:

1*Gimbal cover(Not include the Drone)

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL FOR Air Drone GIMBAL COVER: Made from strong plastic material. This product will prevent the drone from harm and it is waterproof, dustproof and scratch resistant.
  • SMART DESIGN FOR Drone SCREEN PROTECTOR CAP: It’s designed for the drone to protecting the Mavic Air’s camera lens and gimbal.
  • FUNCTION OF Drone LENS GUARD: Prevent gimbal wobbling, protect gimbal wiring; Prevent accidental damage during transport.
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to install and disassemble and is very convenient and simple to use.
  • LENS COVER: Compatible with lens filters – can be installed without removing an attached filter. (Includes only the gimbal cover. Does not include the drone or any filters).

3 responses to “Gimbal Protector Accessories Gimbal Cover Lock Camera Guard Protector Transport Fixed Lens Cover Accessories for DJI Mavic Air Helistar (Transparent Black)”

  1. Does the job, but it could be better I lost my Mavic Air gimbal cover and purchased this as a cheap replacement. This cover is made of a nice thick plastic and feels quite durable. This cover does protect the gimbal but it is far more fiddly to use. The cover slides in from the front and there’s no “clipping mechanism” like on the stock cover. Instead it just uses friction to stay in place. Unfortunately when you have this installed its impossible to remove the battery from the done because the rear tab blocks its access. Also, I…

  2. Works great as advertised The cover fits very comfortably on the Spark camera and holds it into place with no issues. I will say, if you have a skin on your drone, it did push the very ends of mine back just a bit. Had to trim them back slightly to keep that from happening. Would rather have the protection on the camera than the 1/4″ of skin I had to remove.

  3. Very good mount for the money. This works well with the full size iPad Air 2. Pretty sturdy. Just need to really tighten down the screws when leaning the iPad back. Sometimes the weight of the iPad overwhelms the joints and it falls back. Once you’re able to tighten really well it holds. The housing that actually holds the iPad is plastic and seems like it can break easily, but it has surprisingly held up for the few times I’ve used it so far. Overall balance of this mount is pretty well distributed. Haven’t used the more…

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