Hover Camera Passport is the world’s first truly consumer-friendly self-flying camera that’s safe, portable, and easy-to-use. Hover Camera uses proprietary Embedded Artificial Intelligence technology to autonomously capture personal or aerial 13MP photos and 4K video, while always keeping you at the center of the picture. 499 dollars for a full package which includes one Hover Camera Passport, two batteries, one charger, one US adapter, a manual and one easy-carry bag. Hover Camera Passport is controlled through our Android or iOS app.

Product Features

  • Auto-Follow: Using face and body detection technology, the Hover Camera can accompany your journey hands-free with video recording and photo taking while cycling, running, surfing, or even hang-gliding
  • No FAA Registration Required: Fly confidently and right out of the box without having FAA limitations and restrictions like other drones and operating temperature is 5 degree Celsius-35 degree Celsius (41 degree Fahrenheit-95 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Carbon Fiber Cage: Hover Camera is crafted out of carbon fiber making it extra durable to falls and accidents; The Passport’s propellers are enclosed in a cage providing the highest standard of safety
  • Gesture Control + Owner Mode: With owner mode you just scan your face into the app and the Passport will automatically find, follow, and record you. You can also snap photos with a quick gesture to the camera
  • Ridiculously Portable: Weighing less than 1lb and folding up to the size of a small book, the Hover Camera can be carried with you anywhere. Wi-Fi Frequency Bands: 2.4GHz, 5GHz

3 responses to “Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone, 4k Video & 13MP Photography, Auto-Follow, & Facial Recognition”

  1. FANTASTIC SELFIE DRONE Let me preface this review by saying that I have used a fair number of drones in the past – DJI, Air selfie, a bunch of Hubsans and an Eachine. Obviously each drone has its own purposes, advantages and disadvantages. The Hover camera is an amazing drone. I love everything about it. Its light yet strong. Its packable. The perfect thing to take on a vacation. The battery last 10 minutes, which is good enough to take some great videos and pictures. The controls are just incredible. For the…

  2. WHAT A MESS Length:: 0:43 Mins I paid for a brand new Hover Camera yet found footage of another customer and his daughter flying the drone stored on the device. Not so brand new after all!I also paid $500 for this product yet days after the price dropped to $350.Why was I not reimbursed the difference, and why does Amazon allow sellers to send customers refurbished products after advertising them as brand new?As for the drone itself-…

  3. What not to do! You will be temped to start with owners mode right out of the box.I did this at home in the evening with average indoor lighting, big mistake.First, owner mode sucks, if you don’t set it up precisely it won’t work. I launched expecting it to follow me but it went wild, blew all paper and small items off the table and flew straight towards my flatscreen TV! My heart skipped a couple of beats and luckily it collided with the wall inches away. No damage to the drone. My advice is,…

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