Item name: Eachine E010 Mini Quadcopter
Quadcopter Size: 9.5X9.5X5CM
Box Size: 14X8.6X11CM
Gyro: 6-axis
Frequency: 2.4G
Battery: 3.7V (150MAH) (included)
Flight time: about 5 minutes
Charging time: 30 ~ 50 minutes
Flying distance: 30 meters

Function: up / down / left turn / right turn / forward / back / left side fly / right side fly / speed file/ 360° flip/ a key return / headless mode / memory function

Commen Problem and The Solution:
1. Quadcopter lost connection to controller: Pull two function lever to bottom left for 3 seconds, then pull two function lever to bottom right for 3 second. Then try to mach code again(Follow Bullet points 4 );
2. Quadcopter can’t lift up: Check the propeller to make sure it was installed correctly(diagonal propellers must be the same direction );
3. Motor not spin: Check the motor to see if anything stuck the motor(hair, string, etc)
4. Package comes without spare part: Please feel free to contat us first via Amazon .com or

Package included:
1x Quadcopter
1x Transmitters
1x USB charging cable
1x manual
4x propeller

Product Features

  • Low price and Practical:Low price and Durability is the best choice for kids and beginners, as well as a good gift for kids.
  • 3D flip and High low speed mode:The drone can perform 3D rollover performance, free to switch between high and low speed modes, have more fun.
  • One-key return: The drone can auto locate the remote control, just press the one key return button, the drone will fly back to the remote control’s location.
  • Compass Mode: The drone will change its flight direction with the change of the direction of remote control.
  • Steps to Match Code: 1. Turn on the quadcopter then turn on the controller; 2. Push the throttle(left lever) to the top , and then pull it down; 3. When you hear a “Beep”, which means the connection was set up successfully, and then you can start to fly your drone.

3 responses to “Mini Quadcopter Drone, EACHINE E010 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Remote Control Best Nano Quadcopter Drone Boys Girls – Headless Mode, 3D Flip, One Key Return (Green)”

  1. Fun Little Toy I purchased this for my 5 y/o because he got a more expensive one for Christmas and it flew away (he didn’t really know how to control it and it took off from our backyard … had a very sad child and a not so happy husband ).The package arrived on time and to my surprise it was already charged and ready to go, just had to connect the battery to the drone (did have to put in battery into the remote though). Wasn’t exactly sure how well this would works since it was so “affordable”…

  2. Very good for the price. Bought this for my 7 year old to learn how to use a drone before buying something expensive. It’s difficult to control but he’s getting the hang of it. It’s super light and will damage easily so I would say indoor use mostly and I’ve a carpet until you know what you’re doing. Also the plug is tiny and difficult to get in and out to charge so if you have trouble grasping something small very tightly (arthritis) this would not be a good purchase for you.

  3. This product is good. If you want a fantastic little drone to fly in the house this little quadcopter is perfect! The quality of both the drone and the transmitter is more than I expected. It holds altitude and responds to trimming very well and is very stable while in flight. The three speed modes are great but I would recommend sticking with slow speed until you get used to flying it. The one button take off and landing as well as the headless mode work perfectly. I got about 6 minutes of flight and the USB…

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