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Anonymous says:

Great for the budget flyer! For what the product is, I easily rate this 5 stars. It’s wonderful for new comers to the hobby, and includes everything you need right out of the box! This has a cool auto-correcting hover feature when you let go of the pitch (right) stick. For someone who has been used to more manual-type flight characteristics, it took some getting used to. The camera is by no means the resolution you might find in a $1,000 drone, but for a tenth of the cost you get every cent you pay for. I love the…

Anonymous says:

Poor Radio Communication! Very disappointed! This is my second drone, first one with a camera. My other one is a cheap $20 from walmart which I’ve had a lot of fun with and wanted to move up a level to a camera drone with some of the added features offered with the E58. After reading and watching a few reviews I decided to take a chance. One of the reasons I leaned towards the E58 is because it sounded like it had the best picture quality from the camera vs other drones in its price range.I was very…

Anonymous says:

Great entry level drone Bought the drone for my 9 year old as an entry level drone. It works great and is very durable. the only complaint I have are that the stands come loose easily, but I just bought some more for it and I will attach them so they won’t come off. This is a great product for the money and the video is crisp and clear. If you are on the fence on this product it is a great begginer drone and is very durable as we have crashed it at least 20 times and got it stuck on a two story roof and it is…

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