Record anywhere you fly as you capture video from high above the ground with the Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone! The Video Drone is a 3-channel, gyro-stabilized heli with a built-in camera. The onboard memory instantly stores your aerial footage and photography. Engage in surveillance missions around your house or create your own movies with cool aerial footage! The Altitude Video Drone is built with crash-resistant materials designed to completely protect the onboard camera within its core. Capture crash-landing footage as you compile your Air Hogs premiere movie! Master and capture the skies with the high-performance Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone!

Product Features

  • The Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone records anywhere you fly! Capture footage from take off, to high above the ground and landing back down!
  • The Video Drone’s onboard memory instantly stores your aerial video recording and photography.
  • The Altitude Video Drone is specially designed with crash-resistant materials to protect the on-board camera within its core.
  • The Air Hogs Video Copter is for ages 8+. For indoors use only. 3 AAA batteries required for operation. Batteries not included.
  • Includes: 1 Air Hog Altitude Video Drone, 1 Remote Control, 1 Instruction Manual

3 responses to “Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone”

  1. Cheap. Bad camera. Glitchy software. Cheap, in every sense. If you want something you can fly around a small enclosed space and take blurred photos this will do. That’s if you don’t mind it dropping out of the sky occasionally for no reason. It’s designed for indoor use, but is so hard to control you’ll have to find a very large indoor space in order to fly it. I’ve flown other similar-sized copters and this is noticeably harder to control. It’s too light to fly outside – it’s unable to make headway even against the lightest…

  2. Great for the price! It is very light weight and the flying is all to great but for the price it was a cool gift. The directions are very simple and self explanatory there are not a lot of buttons and no assembly required. Upon opening it was ready for a few trial runs. The only thing that I would say needs to be improved would be the descent. If gifting for a child his would be an awesome gift!

  3. it works far better than I expected For the money, I will admit that I got exactly what I paid for. The drone does work, and takes video, but its certainly not high quality video. But since this is for my 11 yr old nephew, it works far better than I expected! This way if he decides that flying drones is what he wants to do, we can graduate to the more expensive, higher tech/quality. Air Hogs has been rolling out some decent stuff and always keeps the price affordable, so I took a chance and was not disappointed!

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