Capture high-flying video footage with the X-Stream Video Drone from Air Hogs! Stream live video right to your smart device, then record and share your videos instantly. Tilt or touch your Smart Device (sold separately) to pilot the X-Stream Video Drone at a fixed height thanks to the easy hover sensor. The X-Stream Video Drone features a removable crash frame, durable construction, an included carry case, and gyro-stabilization for a smooth, stable flight. Take to the skies, stream live video and share it instantly with the Air Hogs X-Stream Video Drone!

Product Features

  • Live Stream video from the X-Stream Video Drone directly to your smart device, then record and share your videos instantly!
  • Use the easy-hover sensor to stabilize flight at a fixed height and pilot the drone with tilt or touch control on your Smart Device.
  • Enjoy a smooth flight with gyro stabilization, and survive the toughest crash landings with the durable and removable crash frame.
  • X-Stream Video Drone is for ages 10+ and requires a Smart Device for operation (sold separately).

3 responses to “Air Hogs – X-Stream Video Drone”

  1. The good: I got it on sale for around $20 The good:I got it on sale for around $20.Surprisingly good video for such a tiny cameraApp controlLive streaming wifiDecent range (I was standing in the street and it flew down 2 houses and still had connection)Very sturdy/SurvivableThe bad:It’s very difficult to fly in small spaces.Reaction time between control input and change of flight is long. (1-2 sec)The longer you fly it, you must continually compensate for loss of…

  2. No a toy for kids Suppose to be an easier droid to fly thanks to sensors, but it really isn’t. No a toy for kids. My daughter with 11 years old was desappointed and frustrated.

  3. ok, difficult to control and one propeller has started … ok, difficult to control and one propeller has started spinning off, and the protection cover/cage is cracking already (due to the many crashes because of difficulty to control!) I thought this would be easier for a 9 year old to control with the iPad interface. 🙁

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