Mavic Air is the latest version of DJI portable drone, which inherits the best features of DJI’s iconic Mavic series with a 4K camera for superior image quality, new QuickShot modes and SmartCapture for easier, more intelligent photo and video capturing, and FlightAutonomy 2.0 with Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems for smarter, safer flight. Mavic Air has a maximum flight time of up to 21 minutes, and can fly at exhilarating speeds of up to 42mph (68 kph) in sports mode.

This Kit Includes:
3 x MAVIC AIR Intelligent Flight Batter
6 x MAVIC AIR Quick-Release Propellers
MAVIC AIR Gimbal Protector
2X MAVIC AIR Control Stick
MAVIC AIR Power Adapter(Without AC Power Cable)
MAVIC AIR Carrying Case
MAVIC AIR Propeller Guard
MAVIC AIR Communication Cable-USB3.0
MAVIC AIR AC Power Cable
MAVIC AIR RC Cable Lightning Connector
MAVIC AIR RC Cable Standard Micro USB Connector
MAVIC AIR RC Cable USB Type-C Connector
MAVIC AIR Travel Bag
MAVIC AIR Battery Charging Hub,
MAVIC AIR Battery to Power Bank Adapter,

Additional Accessories for easy transportation and carry-on
75 cm High quality landing pad
TFSTOYS Propellers Bag
32 gb extreme card for 4k recording
TFSTOYS Propellers Bag
Fireproof Explosion-proof Safety Storage
Mavic Air Accessories Extended Landing Gear

Product Features

  • Original Fly More Combo: Mavic Air Aircraft, Remote Controller3 Intelligent Flight Batteries, 6 Pair Propellers, Propeller Guard, Battery Charging Hub, Carrying Case, Travel Bag and More
  • Extra accessories: SanDisk 64GB Extreme SD card , One Set ND Filters, 75 cm high quality landing pad, Landing Gear, Battery Safety Bag and 2 Propeller Bags
  • 32MP Sphere Panoramas, Foldable & Portable, 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera, 3-Directional Environment Sensing, SmartCapture, 21-Minute Max Flight Time, Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems
  • Mavic Air has a maximum flight time of up to 21 minutes, and can fly at exhilarating speeds of up to 42mph (68 kph) in sports mode.
  • Dronemanhub is top rated DJI AUTHORIZED DEALER since 2013, buy with confidence.

3 responses to “DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo (Onyx Black) Ultimate Bundle – 3 Batteries, ND Filters, Extreme Memory Card, Landing Pad, Landing Gear and More”

  1. The seller is amazing, I ordered it Thursday Afternoon I have been saving money to get a DJI drone since Phantom 3, finally the day arrived! The seller is amazing, I ordered it Thursday Afternoon, arrived Saturday!!!!!Nothing can beat that.It is the most expensive toy I had within pass a few years, so I did a lot of research before I made the purchase. It is a good idea to share my experience so other people will waste less time to make the right decision.There are 3 Major family of DJI portable drones, Spark, Mavic Pro…

  2. Really nice drone, ultraportable Really nice drone, ultraportable. It is beyond my expectation given the small size. Still image under windy days. I love the new feature of “hands-off”. The ‘QuickShot’ mode allows me to capture professional-looking videos automatically.The camera on the drone is great, it can capture 12m still image. I can take 4k footage at up to 30 fps. The interval 8gb sd card is fast enough to record 4k video, however, you do need another larger fast speed (like 64gb or more) sd card to record…

  3. Great stress buster for the weekend My daughter is a First Responder and enjoys new challenges. I got this for her and she’s taken to it without a hitch. With her being Playstation savvy I was impressed with the video capture moments she shared. DJI Mavic Air is ready to fly out of the box and is a great investment for those who enjoy capturing outdoor adventures. This model is highly recommended.

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