Introducing the Drone X Pro AIR 1080p HD Quadcopter.This Quadcopter is an upgraded edition to the original Drone X Pro line of quadcopters created by Drone-Clone Xperts. The AIR has a sleeker design which improves its aerodynamics as it cuts through the air, but also increases durability to prevent any damage in the event of a crash.——————— NEED EXTRA BATTERIES? Type this code into Amazon’s Search Bar: B07S3S4ZF6 –For extra PROPELLER BLADES enter this code: B07VH1BN7M ——- Please Carefully Read Instructions Before Activating and Using This Product

Product Features

  • 1080p HD DUAL CAMERA (1 camera in front, 1 on bottom for optimal aerial viewing experience) “SEE THE WORLD FROM ABOVE”~Drone-Clone Xperts
  • CARRYING CASE and 2 BATTERIES INCLUDED. Want EXTRA BATTERIES? Just enter this code into Amazon’s Search Bar: B07S3S4ZF6 and for extra PROPELLER BLADES enter this code: B07VH1BN7M
  • REAL-TIME TRANSMISSION (See what the drone sees LIVE on your phone’s screen)
  • FOLLOW ME MODE & GESTURE CONTROL. Please read instructions carefully before using this product.

3 responses to “DRONE-CLONE XPERTS Drone X Pro AIR 1080P HD Dual Camera Quadcopter with Carrying Case, Follow Me, Gesture Photo/Video, Altitude Hold, RTH, FPV WiFi Live Video Feed and 2pcs Batteries Included (Black)”

  1. always check with manufacturer for replacement parts, you should always check with manufacturer for replacement parts and alway buy extras, this drone is very simple to learn to operate, its small (palm sized), has a nice case, extra parts, and two batteries with absolutly horrible battery life, approx 10 min a piece if u dont use the camera, if camera is used then decrease that by another 30% its like 5 to 7 min flight time , so buy extra batteries like 4 more.

  2. Not enough flight time The design is awsome, calabration really good but the flight time is less than a lower cost drone that I also got for my nephew which it should have more flight time because of the fact that it was a bigger battery then the other drone I got. I also had trouble connecting with the live feed of the camera. I tried 6 different times and out of those 6 times it only connected about 3 times. App had trouble connecting with WiFi it would disconnect out of nowhere.

  3. Straight Up Crap! All the directions were in Chinese or Japanese writing. It’s not easy to fly. If I to knew what it was, I would have never ordered it! I feel like I got duped into buying it..And I know it’s on me, but still. To anyone that intrested in this comet don’t do ita

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