DJI Mavic Air Accessories, Use the ND4/CPL at dusk and dawn while shooting at 1/250th needing polarization, and reduce shutter speed by 2 f-stops. Use the ND8 in in partly cloudy conditions while shooting at 1/500th, and reduce shutter speed by 3 f-stops. Use the ND8/CPL in cloudy conditions needing polarization, and reduce shutter speed by 3 f-stops. Use the ND16 in partly to mostly cloudy settings shooting at 1/1000th, and reduce shutter speed by 4 f-stops. To film the highest quality video from your drone, you want to use lens filters to be able to adjust your shutter speed to double your frame rate. This makes each of your frames crisp and your videos much smoother. Polarization increases color saturation and reduces glare, but should not be used in low light settings or when shooting certain subjects like reflections or shady areas. After you attach a polarized lens filter to your camera, look through your viewfinder and rotate the lens filter until you see bright objects darken, so you know you have the correct polarization angle.

Product Features

  • DJI Mavic Air Lens Filters Accessories, made specifically for the DJI Mavic Air 4k Gimbal Video Camera – Passes startup initialization sequence, can be left on when turning on the drone during startup.
  • Includes 6 filters: ND4, ND4/CPL, ND8, ND8/CPL, ND16, ND16/CPL ND = Neutral Density, CPL = Polarizer
  • Multicoated optics minimize reflections, flares and improves image quality, Hydrophobic Nano coating reduces fingerprints fog, water and dust.
  • High Quality Aircraft grade 6061 anodized aluminium frame is light and strong, feather light design, durable aluminum construction, crystal clear glass for high definition video.
  • Comes with padded rigid carrying case. High quality inserts designed for easy installation and removal, even after wear and tear. Polarized lens filters stay firmly attached, yet can be rotated easily so you can line up the correct polarization angle. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

3 responses to “Fstop Labs Mavic Air Camera Lens Filters Set, Multi Coated Filters Pack Accessories (6 Pack) ND4, ND8, ND16, ND4/CPL, ND8/CPL, ND16/CPL”

  1. Great value filters that extend my flying time beyond the golden hour. This set of ND Filters for the Mavic Air are fantastic. They make a big difference in being able to reduce my shutter speed for video down to double my frame rate for cinematic motion blur. This set comes with 3 standard ND filters (ND4, ND8, ND16) and 3 polarized ND filters (ND4PL, ND8PL, & ND16PL) and they are a great value for only $50. Being multicoated glass, they would be comparable to other options up to triple that price.The standard ND filters are great for simply…

  2. Fantastic value, I love them These are high quality filters that are very light and well made. They are easy to get on and off the Mavic Air but you can leave one on if you like as the gimble cover fits right over them. The supplied case is a bit large. I have the fly more travel pack and they will fit in the front pocket but a smaller case would be nice. The filters do a wonderful job of lowering the light level so you can get the best shot in even total sun. Living in Montana we still have snow on the ground and the…

  3. Almost complete set 3 ND and 3 ND+PL filters (4-8-16). I will go ahead and say it, I am probably never going to use ND4 (or PL) but it is nice to have. I wish they included ND32 instead of ND4 or better still, allowed buyers to mix and match. Considering most of the consumers are going to fly their drones when it is sunny, ND16 and 32 are quite useful while, ND8 can be had almost everytime.Quality looks good, may not be as good as Polar Pro but it is definitely par for the course. The case is on a larger…

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