Hover Camera Passport is the world’s first truly consumer-friendly self-flying camera that’s safe, portable, and easy-to-use. Hover Camera uses proprietary embedded artificial Intelligence technology to autonomously capture personal or aerial 13MP photos and 4K video, while always keeping you at the center of the picture. $499 for a full package which includes one Hover Camera Passport, two batteries, one charger, one US adapter, a manual and one easy-carry bag. Hover Camera Passport is controlled through our Android or iOS app.

Product Features

  • Owner mode + gesture control
  • Auto-follow
  • Grab & go
  • Orbit mode
  • Automatic Self-Editing

3 responses to “Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone, 4K Video & 13MP Photography, Auto-Follow, Facial Recognition_Deluxe Version_P000001”

  1. No support for new Android phones. Do not buy! Let’s get the terrible out of the way: The app isn’t supported by the latest Android phones that have been purchased or updated summer 2018. This means you cannot connect to the drone reliably. After no response from the manufacturer, it is clear that this is just a brick with fans.The awesome: When the app does connect with the drone, it is a fantastic piece of machine. Almost magical. The features are true to its marketing and I am constantly in awe at how well it performs. This…

  2. JUST AN EXPENSIVE TOY The videos made by the manufacturer of this product is misleading. Indeed it stays in place and when pushed it will resume its initial position, SO WHAT? The app to control the drone does not work. After spending valuable (long) time on hold to get a hold of support, their representative was less than knowledgeable about their product and after 3 min, I was told that this product is not for me.The idea is fantastic but the drone does not work. as an intimidate drone user here are…

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