Connector on the charger may be in red color. It does not affect performance.
Charging cable is compatible with the Sky Viper Drones: Stunt Quadcopter Camera Drone X-Quad s670 Stunt v950HD/STR s1700/1750 v2400HD/FPV v2450FPV Hover RacerFuryScout
Drones and batteries are pictured for example only and not included.

Product Features

  • Reliable Charger Ever Made
  • It works for almost all Sky Viper Drones
  • This Charger will charge any 3.7 V battery
  • Drones and Batteries are pictured for example of use only. Not included.

3 responses to “for Sky Viper Drone Charger USB-Fits. Charging cable is compatible with the Sky Viper Stunt Quadcopter, Camera Drone, X-Quad, s670 Stunt, v950HD/STR, s1700/1750, v2400HD/FPV, v2450FPV and Hover Racer.”

  1. Its okay Not like the original….no indicator light for charge status. Hope it doesn’t over charge / destroy the battery. Time will tell. It was cheap enough so I won’t complain too loud other than shipping was $5 and it took two weeks to get it….was it sent by horse and buggy?

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